Kicking off the VRCN

The VR Coordination Network Kick-off event was held on 11 April 2018 and brought together innovators, educators, professionals and those desiring to incorporate VR/AR into their classrooms. There were more than 40 in attendance and an array of institutions and industry representatives taking part. This page will take you through the event in the order of presentation at the event.

Event Recap

On this page you will find event materials such as photos and presentations from Kick-off event – all of which is free to download for members. The next few sections are organized by order of appearance at the event. Feel free to view the event agenda in the Agenda area in this section.

Event Presentations

Topic: Infusion of VR/AR into Digital Learning Environments

Empirically Grounding Immersive Learning Experiences – Delivering on a Long-held Promise

Alex Klippel. Ph.D., Penn State

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An Education Research Perspective on VR Technologies

Cynthia D’Angelo, SRI International

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Immersive Technologies in Publishing and Education

Joanna Webb, Immersive Learning, Pearson Education

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Topic: Perspectives on Implementation of VR for Education

KEYNOTE: Teaching Data To Be Good on the Holodeck

Sean Williams, Ph.D., Clemson University

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Design Principles for VR in Education: Focus on Embodiment and Use of Hand Controls

Mina Johnson, Ph.D., Arizona State University, Embodied Games

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Immersive Storytelling – Building Local and Global Competencies

Ulla Engestrom, Founder/CEO of ThingLink

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The Hybrid Models in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Education

Curtis Zoller, Northland Community and Technical College

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Employing Virtual Reality for Design Review

Mitchell Hamm, Jacobs (CH2M)

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Cyberphysical Books, Doors, and Halls as VR/AR Portals Bridging Diverse Audiences

Brygg Ulmer, Ph.D., Clemson University

Event Photos

Feel free to look through the event photos and save or share. Larger resolution images can be found on the VRCN Flickr page.

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