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Creating Novel Online Learning Experiences

EducateWorkforce is the first online learning platform specifically built for the unique needs of 2-year institutions and industry. The flexibility of this platform allows our partners to fully customize and deploy modularized digital learning content. Benefits for users:

  • Learn on your own time and in your own space

  • Use the latest in educational practices to boost your career
  • Engage with online virtual reality labs right in your browser
  • Instant feedback through online assessments


Lectures are presented through engaging video for visual and auditory learners, complete with illustrations, images and voiceover. Subtitles are also provided to increase accessibility.


Virtual reality simulations on EducateWorkforce serve as online labs, where learners can go beyond the lecture to actually engage with the material.


Robust open textbooks are provided for all courses on EducateWorkforce. This traditional learning tool is a perfect compliment to the other forms of online content.


The reinforcement of learning materials on EducateWorkforce comes in the form of interactive assessments. Immediate feedback as well as instructor-led grading systems are both available.

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