About the VRCN

The acronym “VRCN” stands for the Virtual Reality Coordination Network, which is a shortened alternative for the CA2VES VR/AR Coordination Network. This professional member network brings together innovators in education, industry and virtual and augmented reality development to create an end-to-end collaborative innovation ecosystem which will enhance personalized learning outcomes through virtual and augmented reality-based technologies.

Initially funded by the NSF and delivered through CA2VES, the VRCN has a solid foundation of research, education and VR/AR utilization. As a member, you can engage and leverage this unique community of experts who have proven expertise in two-year college instruction, faculty development, technician education, engineering and science, education and learning science, computer science and VR, industry, workforce and economic development and public outreach and education – all to enhance the technology-based personalized learning paradigm.

What is VR/AR?


The power of our network rests with each member contributing for the benefit of all.

Our members are community colleges, researchers and developers in the fields of education and VR. As such, all have a unique perspective that provides support in the integration of VR into college curriculum and classrooms – ultimately stimulating conversation and practices for how we interact and learn with virtual realities.

Membership Details

Enrolling as a member will:

  • Grant you access to the VRCN Forum and a growing list of free resources and best practices

  • Enable you to interact with experts in VR/AR and personalized learning

  • Promote cross-discussion on implementing digital educational tools for your specific needs

  • Keep you in the loop on future advancements and event postings
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